Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jerome Corsi: 'Co2 is Good' & 'Obama's Gay' Conspiracy Nut

Reich-Winger (adj.): an individual who's views are so far-right that they are ideologically aligned with the Third Reich. A Reich-Winger typically is opposed to democratic institutions such as workers unions, support Social-Darwinism (survival of the financially fittest disguised as 'individualism'), are anti-semites, hate gays, hate immigrants, hate Marxists, support strong border security and national sovereignty, oppose separation of church and state, support voter suppression (voter ID laws + cutting early voting + cutting voting places), and believe in legislating morality (religious freedom laws + gay marriage + abortion).

The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC,

Atheist Bible Study: Saul Strikes Back

So David has escaped the reach of King Saul, but for how long can he run from the powers of poor writing?

Atheist Bible Study #57: Saul Strikes Back

Supreme Court (John Oliver and muslims rights)

Cameras aren’t allowed in the Supreme Court, so most coverage of our most important cases looks like garbage.
We fixed that problem with real animals and fake paws.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Supreme Court (HBO)
October 2014

10 Reasons Game of Thrones is Better Than the Bible

-- All the books have a disclaimer up front saying it's a work of fiction

-- The author openly admits he was inspired by the works of those who came before him

-- As far as I can tell, no one's ever been oppressed or had their rights taken away by someone who read the Song of Ice and Fire series.

-- The writing is just better

-- Fewer people die

-- When people die in GoT, at least you understand why it happened

-- Not as many contradictions from one book to the next

-- Less incest

-- Game of Thrones fans don't knock on my door unexpectedly to tell me how great the books are.

-- One is full of monsters, adultery, death, sodomy, beheadings, incest, blood, slavery... and the other is written by George R. R. Martin. But Martin's books aren't seen as a guidebook for morality.
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Meet The Ultra-Rich Koch Donors Who Not-So-Secretly Run Things

"The deep-pocketed political network created by the billionaire conservatives Charles and David Koch this summer quietly launched a super PAC that can buy explicitly political ads supporting Republican candidates rather than the issue-oriented ads they‘d been airing for years.

The catch: For the first time, the network’s donors would be publicly identified if they gave to the super PAC.

Four months later and the results are in: The super PAC, Freedom Partners Action Fund, is a smash hit with donors. It has surpassed its fundraising goal and now says it is on pace to spend roughly $25 million on ads intended to help Republicans capture the Senate."* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Kenneth P Vogel & Mike Allen / Politico:

Help end the corrupting influence of money in politics:
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Sam Harris Response to Reza Aslan Calling Him a Fundamentalist Atheist

The Muslim Reza Aslan says: "The most literal literalist in the world doesn't read the Bible more literally than Sam Harris does."

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Scientology and their Endless PHONY Pitches of Greatness

Have you seen or heard members of the phony, fraudulent business pretending to be a religion: the "church" of $cientology.. endlessly pitching how great it is? WHY? Please pass this video on, and here are a few other links to watch.

Wildmon: Obama's 'In Love With Islam'

In this video, Tim Wildmon of the AFA suggests Obama is a secret Muslim.

AFA Channel, October 2014
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